The First Book I Read

17th August 2016 । Rishikesh


Factually, the first book I’d have read must be something with pictures of a “a for apple” or “a se anaar”  but here I’m writing the first book I read myself without the concern of my parents or anyone else.

The first book I remember reading was a fiction novel , “The Three Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat.”  CB was and is the bestselling ever English writing author of India and it must have been a popular book then (I didn’t know it then.) Reading your first book is a lifelonging memory , it is definitely in my case.

From the first page I got to know that two bollywood movies I’ve seen were made on his previously hits. It was reason enough to read that. I knew that a movie must be made in future on this book and ultimately that happened as well.

The book was undoubtedly interesting. Youth, the things we do in our lives, the feeling of friendship, love , everything appeared to be real to me. The things  that I had felt myself in my life, the writer seemed to understand them and tell me those things with his own choice of characters. Relations to some real incidents like the 9/11 made it much interesting. 

I read that in my 10th grade. Earlier, had seen kisses in movies but reading a kiss was a different thing. I remember something like our lips were few centimeters away and then the distance ended. Similarly, the violence in movies is  different from real life. Reading 3 mistakes made me think about the mistakes I had made myself in my own life.

Once I started, I didn’t or I say couldn’t stop. I wanted to end it asap, to know what happens next. And finally, the I ended  the book in one day.

The first reading experience made me fascinated about the authors. How they present things, related them to real lives and can be so influential. It made me develop a reading habit.

Before 10th, education was quite easy. You learn and score marks. After 10th standard you’ve to choose your field of studies.People started thinking about their careers , taking help from parents, elders but I never intended to ask for counselling. I thought people will take my ambitions as childish thoughts and will give me reasons to adopt a safe money making career.

Inside, I was sure that I’ll do whatever I wish to do. I won’t go to medicals or engineering for that was a common choice among my mates. I’ll do things I wanted to do. And somehow, someday, I decided I’ll become a Writer.

And here I am, after few years of “I’ll become a writer , I’ll become a writer”, writing my blog about the first book I read.

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