I wanna be a Superhero..

I wanna be a Superhero.

Sounds like I’m a kid ?  Nooooo, I’m not a kid. I’m a grown up. Mmm..I guess so…IDGAF about it. 

So, I want to be a superhero. Actually, more than a being a hero, I want to be ‘Super’ with a lot of powers and abilities. I think it is a truth that everyone should accept wholeheartedly. Before being a hero, every superhero explored things and had fun. The responsibilities came later with strength.

Not for saving the world from alien or any evil forces, ( what’s the evils is a very confusing and I don’t want to talk about it now. )… yes, not for fighting evils. That’d become a part of anyone who’s got real powers and has been brought up in a moral environment.

I want to be a Superhero for my girl. I’m not a very romantic kind of person. But , yes I write and I am good with fascinations.

So , being a superhero is the most creative thing I wonder when I think about her. I want to fly high, to meet her at the moment I wish.I want to fly with her, to kiss her in midst of clouds. ( Yes, this fantasy is somewhere inspired from Superman as he’s my personal favourite). I want to enter through her window and to take her away from her room. 

Things would become easier then and even if they won’t , being superhero is the coolest thing to be.No fear of career and livelihood. All I would be doing will be flying and chasing things, loving a girl, protecting weaks when I’ll be free.

And here comes the conclusion…. The factor of maturity…Really?

Would that be a cool life? No real life full of struggles and always a hidden identify. 

No. That’s so boring.

….Mmmm.. I’d be a passionate person too. Being a superhero would be a part time thing. Then it’d be best. 

Being human is a good thing sometimes. But why to be a man when you can be a Superman.?

Realities are so cruel. Imaginations are so beautiful.


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