You’re the worst.

We call the world a mess. We hate them for follies and faults. We mock the entire humanity for being untrustworthy and inhumane.

I do that, everyone else does.

So if everyone hates, who’s loved?  If everyone calls world a shit, then who’s pure?

For example , if there are 100 people in world, we abuse 95 of them  for their deeds ( 5 are our loved ones) and if everyone follows this pattern then more than 90 of world’s people must hate us as well.

The majority of world either don’t care about us, or hates us as a major thought. So are we really pure?.

Is anyone really beautiful?


It’s all about perceptions. We hate others, we blame others, but we love ourselves, we love our close ones.

If treachery exists, somewhere it’s inside us as well. We all are hypocrites.

If someone else does a mistake, we find it sin but if we did same, we find it pardonable. We have reasons for every mistake.

Someone cheats on us, we abuse, hate them. If we cheat on someone, we give a reason. Everyone cheated on me, so did I.

 This is the basic constituent we’re made up of, that’s why our eyes see others, we listen others, we talk to others.

We consider ourselves as either perfect or cheated. Our mistakes are reasonable and else’s not.

This is omnipresent. From relationships to nation. I  can never be wrong and if I was, it was because of a reason. If someone else is wrong, he’s a sinner.

Why is it so hard to realize that we’re the ones who are wrong.? Why is talking with ourselves is tougher than talking with anyone else.?

If we call the world filthy, then we’re not apart.

The filth is inside us too. It’s just our fundamentals that make us deny that.
If world is bad,

You’re the worst.

We’re the worst.

I’m the worst.


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