A Mirror completed me..

Few things always remain a part of our own amusement world. From the intelligence that comes during a shower to the happiness felt after scratching a wound , they always remain personal yet so common.

Mirror is one of them. 

It always brings your inside out. We learn through mirror, we grow with a  mirror.

I always seek for perfection yet never found it except once.

We seek for beauty in mirror. We expect that someday it’ll show us a beautiful side of ours. But mostly, it remains same. Mirror shows us our solitude, that we’re all alone here.

Just to end this isolation, I got someone by my side and made us look into a same frame. A mirror.

I expected a boy and a girl looking at each other and staring at their images.

But unexpectedly, I found perfection. I found myself completed.I’ve been looking or I can say staring at my image for years and rarely found myself good,never got satisfied but with her by my side, it was all perfect. It was astonishingly good.

I kept staring at us. Nothing could be much beautiful. It was a strong duo. The features I’ve always found depressing about myself were  actually negligible. All my follies, my vices were lost in her shadow. 

All those mythological stories of man and women completing each other came to my mind.

But as I’m utterly practical somewhere, I think that’s on perceptions and conditions.

Sometimes, we find ourselves so complete with us. Nobody is required then. On other times like this, we found completion with someone.  Someone who accepts us with all our imperfections.I found mine.

Before that mirror experiment, it was something good but after that.. it became a need. 

Why to live partially when someone is there to complete you?

I found my completeness inside a mirror. I guess I already knew it but mirror just showed it. This is what mirror does.

I guess everyone has theirs.


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