The phenomenon of Memories.

Memory..  cherished or regretted.

Memory is such an amazing thing. Sometimes, it becomes so hard to find something you placed in your room,  and some memories never fade away, no matter how much you try to avoid them. 

Learning syllabus notes is so hard and remembering lyrics is so easy. Forgetting a happy memory is common and so is getting hurt by a same failure a thousand times. 

Nobody can understand why memory works like this. Atleast I don’t. Why some things are forgotten easily while others take a lifetime? 

I dont remember what I ate yesterday and I remember what I ate on my dinner with someone. 

Hurt, regret, or joy; everything occurs because of these memories.

In this unending cycle of remembering and forgetting, I guess painful memories are at triumph. We keep trying to forget things and unconsciously keep ourselves reminding of them. A past happiness works as a remedy for the present pain and a past hurt affects  a present happiness adversely. 

A memory,  a mistake ; keeps making you fall deeper and deeper in regret. 

Sometimes,  a memory gets alive itself.  A small piece of music that you loved once reminds so many things related to it. The feeling you bore with that song comes to mind and things work themselves.
Time is the best healer for regrets. Nothing ends pain better than time. 

We all want to cherish few memories and erase a few ones. I wish science would develop something for that that would be commonly available.

I wish so. Or do I really wish so? 


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