The Martian 

Just finished Andy Weir’s The Martian,  and I must say it’s one of the best sci-fi books I’ve ever read.  
The story is of an astronaut named Mark who is on Mars with his crew. Unfortunately, the Martian storm fails the mission and he is left alone there. Alone.. really alone on  the red planet. 

The Martian is the story of  Mark’s survival. How he survives for so long and how his rescue could become possible. 
It is full of ups and downs, with ventures of a lonely man and his will to survive. He continues to fight in every situation. Mars keeps throwing difficulties and he stands there no matter what.  Sometimes, it appears that it is impossible for a single man to do so many tasks continuously but still, book is full of hopes. 

Book is written so  beautifully that it leads you to misery when he fails and makes you wish for his success as everyone on earth does during his survival.  In the ending chapters, it makes you breathless! You could do nothing but wish for Mark’s successful rescue. 

I’m not a science nerd but I could tell Andy has written the book in as much realistic way as it could be.  The journey,  the technology seems to be real and isn’t complicated like in other sci-fi books.  

A important  thing about book is it has not given physical features of characters. It becomes tough to imagine chracters without their suits. The book also avoids telling what Mark  thinks during his lonely time. I guess it is done specifically beacause all of Mark’s journey is in his own words in form of logs (diary you can say)  so he doesn’t mention his personal feelings anywhere. 

Lastly, it’s breathtaking. It’s funny at times and as already said, full of hope,  self-belief, strength and will to win no matter what life throws at you. 


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