Othellos are so common and so are Iagos and Desdemonas. 

Lately,  I got  to read the famous  tragedy ‘Othello’  by ‘Willian Shakespeare’. The drama written 5 centuries ago is still capable of representing present situations. 

For those who haven’t read Othello, let me tell it’s summary in brief. Othello is  a warrior general of Venice.He is originally a black guy from northern Africa. He is respected for his bravery but still he is a foreigner, prominently a black so is unacceptable in some sense . Fortunately, he gets to marry lady Desdemona but there is a villain named Iago in the drama. He hates Othello and provokes him against his wife . He gets  successful in this stuff and Othello becomes blind with jealousy. Othello  ends up killing poor Desdemona and when he gets to know the truth, he hurts Iago amd kills himself. 

Othello is all about love, jealousy, anger and bloodshed.  There’s a famous quote said by Iago which goes as follows:-

 The richest man on earth is poor if he is jealous . God saves us all from jealousy. 

These characters are so common even in present times. In every society, there are Iagos and Othellos. 

Iagos cannot see others happy. Aspirations sometimes make men so blind that they leave morality and choose any possible way to triumph. One other character described by Shakespeare of such people is that one who is bad sees bad everywhere. Iago even hates his own wife, blaming her for adultery without any proof.

Insecurity amd jealousy is present in every relationship at some level. But when it crosses limits, in ends in a bloodshed. Othello is unable to see the innocence of his wife and ultimately kills her. Such people are also quite common. A single wrong hint makes us go blind against our loved ones. All the intellingence is left blind and hatred burns everything. 

Desdemona is innocent but is a subject we can relate to domestic violence these days. She always accepts othello, never fights back and thus, gets killed by his hands. 

When I read the drama, I could relate it to the events taking around us even at present. I guess that’s what makes shakespeare The Shakespeare. 


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