The girl on the Train.. 

Just finished the thriller “The girl on the Train”  by “Paula Hawkins.” 

Firstly,  Fuck those goosebumps!! I got while reading this book. 

The girl on the Train is an amazing thriller consisting of 3 women, their relationships, hurt,  mystery, and surprises. Book is written from viewpoints of these women namely Rachel, a divorcee and alcoholic ; Anna, the present wife of Rachel’s husband for whom he cheated on her and Megan, the women who gets lost. 

Rachel is the women who catches a train daily and becomes involved in the case. 

One important thing I liked about the book is that it’s simple. It’s not like some thriller or sci fi books where you have to remind yourself of past events or strategies forcefully. It is a simple story where suspenses are revealed as we move forward and apparently, it is dreadful. 

Other than a mystery of  a women being lost and the goosebumps, it is a story of present days life issues. The protagonist is an alcoholic, it also deals with betrayal in relationships, lies, motherhood, and belief. Belief upon yourself, on people, and on life. 

I truly found this book worth reading. 

I can relate its story to something  somewhere I read i.e. –  

Nothing in the world can bother you as much as your own mind,  I tell you. In fact,  others  seem to be  bothering  you, but it is not others, it is your own mind. 


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