A small visit to my home (Rishikesh) and the lessons of life. 

18th Jan | Rishikesh

The city known for holy ganges, spirituality, yoga and rafting. I belong to you. 

Recently, I read a post about how to travel your own city. Yesterday, I got my day and visited few places in my own city but with the eyes of a traveller. 

I remember the childhood days when we used to visit Laxman jhula or Ram jhula  in evenings. The evening aarti of ghat, the holy river and crowds of wanderers be it foriegners seeking spirituality or travel or Indian tourists praying to lords, everything used to be a muse. 

Yesterday, I visited laxman jhula, one of the most famous tourist attractions of the city with a few friends. The plan was of a normal hangout at any cafe but I wanted to visit something particular. We choosed the 13 floored temple (Tera Manzil Mandir) I had been there earlier in childhood but those memories are faded ones so had a wonderful chance to relive them. 

(Tera Manzil Mandir) 

It is one of the tallest temples I’ve ever seen,  actually tallest. Its a giant tower with 13 storeys and includes hindu shrines, sculptures of various gods and goddesses along with shops selling handicrafts etc. 

As we were heading toward the top, each floor was making the city look smaller and smaller. The extreme view on top was fascinating. I had never seen Rishikesh from that point. The holy river was sharp green, the foggy sky of winter, the himalayas and the city that welcomes everyone. 

(view of Laxman jhula from 13 Manzil) 

This post cannot be called a travel tale but for me its a tale of exploring yourself . Exploring the things you’ve already got . Honestly, I learned a lot from this small visit. First of all, I fell in love with my city and secondly, I learned that sometimes you don’t have to go outside to seek happiness. Its all within yourself. You just have to look at things with another angles,  with a different attitude. That’s the key to happiness. 

( Me and my city) 


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