This night is so long and I’m thinking of Edmund Spenser. 

This is a long night. Very, very long. 

Its been hours since I’m trying to sleep and failing. I stare at my phone’s screen when its unlocked and when its locked, I clutch it hard. Close to me. Close to my cheek. 

I check it every time it vibrates. There are texts, notifications buzzing after every few seconds. Whatsapp groups, facebook alerts and everything else but I am waiting for something else. 

I’m waiting for a single text. A single text from the one I love. Yes! Love. 

I’m remembering a sonnet written by Edmund Spenser where he talks about his beloved. He says that just the way a ship follows the star during voyage in sea. It gets directed by the north star. Similarly, the poet is directed by his beloved. He loves her and follows her directions but there’s a storm in the sea. The ship is unable to see his star and is wandering in the sea..lonely and vulnerable. Similarly, the poet is alone without his beloved. He is lonely, sad and directionless. He is waiting for the stroms to end i.e. the argument between his beloved and him to end as soon as possible because only she can make her happy and so am I. 

I’m feeling same as Edmund. Long live legend!! 

I cannot wait for bad things to end and being able to smile again. I’m involved in it now. I cannot see anything when She’s not around. The thing I feel cannot be less than love. I love her. I do. 

Let’s see when the storm will pass and I’ll meet my star. 


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