Wake up baby!! 

Wake up baby! Wake up! 

Wake up for this morning, 

The sun and all the omnipresent grace

But first, Wake up for your lover

That hasn’t turned his eyes from your face.

He kept you in his arms, tied by an invisible thread

He cuddled you when you shivered at night, 

Pressed your feet and kissed your forehead

And stood by you while you’re in fight. 

Wake up for him! 

And you dare not. 

You dare not to judge your sleeping face

For you haven’t seen yourself then

I swear of all my words baby, 

You look so pleasing then. 

You know baby! You sleep like a toddler 

Unconcerned, unwalled, uncovered 

And these are the moments when you become you;a charm

And I become I;your unswerving lover. 

 I’m so familiar with the curve on your lips

That appears when you think of me, oh girl! Tell me

Are you thinking of only me while being in my arms? 

O baby! Your smile has wreaked a spell on me.

Shall I wake you up now? 

For I am getting tired of being in this spell

Or Shall I let you sleep? For the kid you are

Innocent, safe, without your ever present shell.

Shall I wake you up by a gentle kiss? 

Or by whispering some sugary words? 

Should I hum something you love? 

Or keep hugging you and just wait for the birds?

You’ve made me confused baby, your beautiful sleep

Your cuddled figure got me ” what should I do?” 

I love the way you’re here in my arms

I’m sure of this only. I love you. I do. 


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