It’s Silence. 

It is peace.. 

No, its Silence. 

Its a dark and empty Silence.. 

There’s no sound at all. 

Oh wait! How can I avoid my clock’s hand  

And the slow humming of refridgerator at times. 

These sounds are as vacant as me. 

But everything else is Silent. 

Far away, there is a music, a marriage I guess. 

Some vehicles passing by, disturbing

The eternal Silence I’m having. 

Nobody is here. Nobody. Nobody except me. 

I can eat whatever I want,  I  ain’t hungry. 

I can do whatever I want to, I ain’t got any need.. 

I am getting absorbed by this environment. 

The poet inside me wants to write a masterpiece tonight 

The Musician wants to compose the saddest, or the most life related song. 

But for whom shall I do this.? Nobody is  here. 

This lone surrounding is making me feel like it. Abandoned. 

There is nobody here. Nobody I can feel. 

I feel this emptiness is making me like this nature. 

I won’t have anyone or anything inside me very soon. 

Nobody is inside me. 

Nothing at all. 


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