Ed Sheeran – Photograph 

“So you can keep me

Inside the pocket Of

Your ripped jeans… ” 

I know its time to listen “Shape of You by Ed Sheeran” as its trending on no. 1 at present, but secretly I’ve fallen in love with Photograph.

I remember listening to it for the first time a couple of days back (not too late I guess).

The song starts with “Loving can hurt…” and instantly my mind said yes, it does. Love does hurt sometimes and the first lines made me curious for what Ed was going to sing next about love.

The song talks about how love is. Love is hard but its something that makes you feel happy like nothing else. (Remember how we fight and end up loving each other)

Suddenly, he sings about making a memory by clicking a picture. And the mind goes……. to the picture I took with someone. At that instant, I thought of how we keep those pictures with us and how we felt when we took them.

Photograph never fails in giving me a strong flashback.

Time changes, feelings alter but a photograph captures a moment of happiness and it’s a joy forever… (Yes, I’m thinking of Keats now. #literaturenerd)

The emotions we felt when we take a photograph got preserved and wherever I shall go, if I’ll have that photograph, love will stay with me. Just a glimpse of it will make me remember the whole scene of that beautiful past.

Photograph’s lyrics are so personal like it’s been written for every lover on planet that has captured a picture together.

We don’t know what will happen in future days, but that picture shall always contain the love we share.

As the songs proceeds, Ed sings more about how love is. The song goes about his experiences, and our mind plays it’s personal movie of our experiences and I guess that’s the joy. Joy of music. 

The song ends with “… you kissed me under the lamppost  … home”. It left me with a small cluster of memories and my eyes showed it all.

Do share your experience in comments about photograph or any other song that you love.



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