I won’t let it heal

What is it? 

A self made Melancholy?  I guess. 

Can it be cured? No, but it can be avoided.

No,  it’s a wound.  A wound on my left forearm. 

It does not bleed itself, it doesn’t heal either. 

Stop lying to yourself !! It starts heeling every once in a while 

You scratch it yourself. You peel it’s skin. 

Yes, I do. I don’t let it heal. 

Stupit wit, Don’t you know how good it feels when it hurts? 

You can never imagine the pleasure, the ecstasy when 

I dig my nail in it, and the red droplet oozes out 

and I get what I love; a halucinating pleasure and the ink for my poetry

You’re stupid brain. You don’t know love. 

I won’t let this wound heal. 

For without it, I Shall be so idle ; a void with nothing but vacuum, 

And there’s no solace in idleness, 

I love this combat with thoughts, 

It is my wound and  I won’t let it heal. 

I’m waiting for something. Infection. A fatal infection. 

That’s what I’m waiting for. 

I’m waiting.  


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