Yes, I’m tired of this same old feeling. I’m tired of love. 

I’m tired of waiting for you to wake up till morning and that single good morning text. I’m tired of your inexpressiveness.

 I’m tired of being afraid of losing you. Did you get that? I’m tired of being afraid of losing you. 

I’m tired of waiting for you to want me the way I do. I know that’s not going to happen for that’s worthless. 

Its like craving for kissing moon and wanting you to crave for kissing moon too. I know its idiotic. I’m tired of being idiot. 

 I was insane earlier. I’m insane now but for you. I want to feel that old carelessness, that recklessness, that irresponsibility. I’m tired of being responsible. 

How can I miss this sleeplessness ?  I’m tired of sleepless nights, of awkward internet surfings, of that shitty Instagram and 1GB data limit of jio. 

Sometimes, its all wonderful and all of a sudden, I feel hatred for everything. I hate this tiredness. I hate this pain that rips me off. 

I am tired of this Melancholy that continues until you end it. 

I’m tired of this dependency. I’m tired of loving you. 

And I know, nothing of above written things are going to matter. I may be tired of loving you but it doesn’t mean I’m  going to stop loving you. I cannot. 

I’m tired of myself. 


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