Its You. 

Its not the world that’s uncomfortable to live, its you only. Its you, who hate everything about world and find imperfections in everyone and everything. Its your judgemental nature. 

Its your attitude of self importance as if everything in the world gives a damn to you and everything that happens is against you in the end. Its not like that, its just your perception that everything revolves around you but in real nobody gives you a fuck. Those who give, are already there for you. 

Its your mind who forces you to act as if you’re the hero of your life’s movie and you have to keep the fight going on so that you may achieve happy ending. 

Its you who doesnt understand that you’re a mere spot in this universe and not the centre of it. 

Its you that hurts you. 

It is not the sunrays that hit your face and burn your skin, its your choice of not wearing helmet while driving. 
Its not her, not her nature that hurt you inside, it is your mind’s combination of insecurities, overthinking and overexpressiveness. 

Its not your parents forcing you to do things, its your behavior for them and lack of responsobility. Its overthinking of worldly pressure that your shoulders are under the burden of whole world and an insecurity about even yourself that leads to rebellions. 

Its not your teacher’s strictness, its your thought which dominates you and restrains you to ask questions because everytime you want to do anything, you think of how your friends will react. What will the world say about you. 

It’s you. You’re the problem. You’re the reason for all the troubles around you. You cannot blame things or situations, you have to put that blame on you. You must do that. 

You do not believe in yourself. You are the only impediment in the way to your freedom. Its YOU. 


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