I’m home baby. 

Its good; really really good. 

I shut my eyes, loose my shoulders

I’ve shut every door except one

Broken every thread except one

I have got no pressures, no strength , no guilt 

Neither any love for objects I built. 

Keep no dreams and no desires, 

Its time to put out all the fires. 

Everything I seek was so tiny and small, 

And so huge was the non existing wall

That kept me forever hidden

And turned the truth to forbidden. 

Do I live for small ambitions? …. 

No. I’m not going to live for tiny ambitions, 

Nor For worldly desires, or insidious visions. 

I’ll not stay captivated anymore in these illusions

It hurts for a second then its all ease.. 

Someone is lifting me up, its all peace 

There’s no reason to cry

For I’m going high and high 

Ohh mother!! I’m getting lost. 

See, I’m all  covered in frost. 

I’m feeling so light

Having no more fright. 

Oh Baby, I’m gone. 

Yes, Gone! 

I’m gone baby. 

Its like I’m home baby. 

I’m gone baby

Its like I’m home baby. 


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