Be your own Inspiration 

Har Har Gange.

Few days back, I posted a blog about mornings I used to enjoy at ghats of river Ganga. 

After reading that blog for a couple of times,  I don’t know what happened and nowadays, I’m again waking up at 5 and loving that beautiful sunrise from ghats of Ganga. 

I just  couldn’t resist myself from that. My own blog became my inspiration. My own thought process led me there again.

 I just thought about how happy those mornings used to be and that aspiration to be happy took me there. 

This is one of the reasons why I write. 

I write because writing gives me time for introspection. I collect thoughts and in that thought collecting procedure, I get to know what I want, what should be done and how can I turn myself into a better person. 

In the end I’ll say, find your own reasons to be happy. Life is short if you’re happy and too long if you’re sad. 

Find your source of motivation and when nothing else works, be your own motivation. Motivate yourself, work hard and Inspire yourself. 

 P. S- I’m in love with my mornings again.


2 thoughts on “Be your own Inspiration 

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  1. So true we all need something that inspires us. I write as a way of self expression and I like you have found writing is helping me to grow in ways I never imagined, I wake up each day and never know where my mind will roam and like you, words wrote are touching others hearts.I finds your blogs uplifting and full of positivity.

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