A trip to Neer Waterfall –  Rishikesh 

10:41 p.m. 

Summers!! The time of lethal heat and dehydration. When sunrays turn themselves into bullets and are eveready to make a hole through your skin. What’s the source of salvation then.? Water!! Cold water!! 

Cold water falling from heights, hitting you hard, washing your skin, making you forget every negative thought of the world.  Felt the chill? 

Being from Rishikesh gives me this opportunity often. Ganga river flows around  1 km away from my residence. And there’s no scarcity of water and fun in Rishikesh. (not yet) 

Neer waterfall, Rishikesh

We have got Ganga, valleys, hillls, waterfalls and lots of ways to get rid of this angry summer. 

One of the such places is Neer Waterfall. Its situated around 3 km from Laxman jhula. A small trek will lead you to this wonderful location. There is a small pool that can be reached by some 200 m. trek then a bigger one at 1 or 1.5 km trek. Water is good, area has got a sense of great peace and fooding etc.  facilities are available. So,  its good for everyone, i.e. Families, friends, couples, etc. 

I got to visit the waterfall today. This was the first water trip of these summers and got to spend some amazing hours in pool.  Undoubtedly,  water is heaven. 

Yes, that’s me

I got to learn a number of things from this short trip. 

  • No pain, no gain. (You’ve to drive on a dangerous road, trek high,release sweat, only then you’ll find heaven) 
  • Nature is the best stress-reliever. ( I couldn’t think about anything else for those hours and that matters a lot for overthinking machines like me) 
  • I need to workout more. (I’m not saying I’m not sexy, I’m just saying I need to workout more for being better) 

 Sharing some more pics – 

My Instagram story of the day.
And a last one.. Water going down.. Bye Bye.

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