Visit and shoot | Rishikesh 

Let’s begin it from buttom i.e. my shoes. 

So today, the plan was about preparing an assignment of college of one of my best friends and my bandmate. 

But when you’re buddy have got a camera along with capturing skills, how can you avoid a photoshoot?

So, we just travelled to Ram Jhula, one of the most famous places of Rishikesh. It is basically an iron suspension bridge across the river ganga and one of the most visited locations of Rishikesh. 

Then, after crossing the bridge, there are several temples, ghats, restaurants. 

My friend clicked whatever he was asked for assignment and in between we just posed. 

I tried my hands on photography and I must say, it feels good capturing a  moment with a amazing device. 

Along with that, we got to see some places after years. Places we used to visit years ago with families. 

My Instagram story. That’s me in white. Other two are friends.

So overall, it was a beautiful day. Sunshine, outing, camera, food and friends.

What do you need more to be happy?? 

Will upload the shoot pictures soon. Keep travelling, keep loving. 

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