Do you see Flowers? 


Do you see Flowers? 

When was the last you looked at one? 

I’m not saying saw one and left it unnoticed. I’m talking about looking into it, smelling its blossom, watching its smile, its variants of colours, and its tender dancing. 

Flowers are amazing, you know. Their presence is enough to make anyone feel better. That’s why they are given as presents. They are a source of instant calmness to mind and soul. 

Don’t believe me? Check out yourself. 

Go out now. Watch the flower in your garden. No matter which one you choose, small or big, red or blue,  if you’ll observe it honestly, you won’t be able to control the joy flushing inside you. I bet it. 

So go out, look into a flower and feel the joy. 

And tell me what’s your favourite flower. 


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