I won’t write shit for marks. 

If I’m asked about Othello, I won’t write about Hamlet. 

I am made up of thoughts. I’m made up of beliefs. 

I believe in quality of answers, quality of every single word I use to describe my point of view on paper. When I’m asked a short description about a character of a story, I do not prefer writing the whole plot, summary, every character’s analysis and everything I Know about it just to fill pages. 

From my past experience of 3 years of college, the most disturbing thing I have noticed seen is quantity being preferred over quality. 

Long shit gets higher marks than short reason. 

I’m man who belongs to the community of words. For me, words are sacred. Ink is divine. 

I have seen some shitty answers with beautiful or even shitty handwritings being preferred over short and meaninful descriptions. 

I’ve been subject to low percentage but still, I am just not ready to write dreams and stories on answer sheet. I am not able to degrade my quality standards for few marks. It makes me feel like coward. It makes me feel like I’m cheating upon my internal ambitions, my passion for writing. 

 I’m a writer. Everything I write must be meaninful or atleast sensible. I cannot write crap. 

So,  sorry world, I don’t fit into your standards of preferences and markings. I’m happy in being a rebel against your judgemental views. 

I’m making myself feel satisfied with my results. I’m quite proud of it actually. I didn’t go below my level and I won’t do it in future as well. I’ll hold my answer sheet high. 

It will be less marked by world, but atleast every single word will be perfect or my best atleast. 


11 thoughts on “I won’t write shit for marks. 

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      1. That’s really sad! Losing marks for handwriting doesn’t make sense!
        This happening at college level is a really bad thing. Luckily, for me it was only till school. Now it’s just MCQs and OMR bubbling! Nobody gives a damn about what you write as long as your answer is right. Looking forward to what will follow!

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      2. I lost my marks in English. I mean, this is what I do all the time. Writing. How could he say something like, “Matter is fine, writing is poor”
        That was… Idiot of him.
        I just wanted to raise a finger that time..
        No, I’m not talking about the first one.. That’s used for pointing something. 👉👆
        I’m talking about the middle one. 😂😂

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      3. Oh I just remembered something..
        I just read a blog few minutes ago that said… I won’t do things according to others. Idgaf about sharma ji or anyone else.
        Similarly, I won’t change. 😂 😂
        Neither would I write shitty long answers, nor study according to anyone else.


      4. Laughing like idiots since few minutes. Its wonderful.
        I mean I don’t know how you are, who you are, what’s your age, what’s your anything else. Still, feel connected in some sense. Views, thoughts.
        And yes, that Blogger is amazing. I’m feeling it.

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