To Mosquito Repellent. 

1:30 a.m. 


If I’ll switch you off, I’ll get my blood sucked. 

And keeping you on doesn’t let me sleep. Its weird. 

I’m in love with my darkness. I mean the darkness of my room. My darkness.. No I was talking about room only. 

So.. You’re red. No. Orange. 

You know what. You’re useless. You keep mosquitos away, but can you help me in getting sleep after that ? No. 

 I’m still awake. All my senses enables or disabled.. I wonder. No disabled is not the correct word. Its disturbed. 

I’m disturbed with my own consciousness. Disturbed by your light. For others, it may be negligible. But I hate your glow. I hate what you do to my perfectly dark room.

 I hate that you are harmful for mosquitos. I hate that you resemble someone. Someone harmful for me. 

I will throw you away tomorrow. 

No, I won’t. Just the way I cannot leave people. 


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