He didn’t lose. 

When he was born, world said that he won’t be able to crawl because he is meant to die in poverty. 
His mother showered him with love, and he crawled. 

Then, world said that he won’t be able to walk because he’s not going to stand up on his feet ever. 

Again, he proved everyone wrong and stood up. He learnt to walk holding his father’s little finger. 

Then, world said he won’t be able to run. He’s not meant for speed and achievements. 

He learnt to run and won a race in his school. Two of his friends and a teacher were by his side. 

Now world said he wil keep running and will get trapped in this judgemental, merciless society. He wil lose and will be rotten in this machine of torture. 

Now, he wanted to prove the world wrong. This time he was all alone. Nobody was there for him. It was his own war. War against sick minds, brutality, judgemental views, discrimination, mainstream order of life. He didn’t lose hope. 

He ran. He ran hard. He fell, he bled but didn’t stop. He couldn’t sleep of pain. Finally one day, he went on top of the cliff and jumped. 

Yes, he jumped. He jumped off the cliff. You know what happened then? 

He flied. He flied high. Wind was his friend, sky was his limit. He became one with nature. Nature was his best friend. He flied high, and never looked back.

(Picture is captured by my friend- Siddhant Mehra and is subject to copyright ©) 


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