She tried

She tried everything to break the wall he had built, but the wall was inbreakable. 

She tried everything to know what he was hiding behind those walls in his eyes. He was impregnable. 

She argued, rebelled, angered,  cried, warned of leaving him. Little did she know, he had become invincible. 

He had already died that he was not scared to die. He was inbreakable. He had seen everything. He had bled with his heart and eyes. 

Returning was not an option now. He couldn’t utter a word. He was afraid to be weak like he previously. Actually, he was not afraid at all. He had lost his everything a number of times. 

Now,  it was over. 

She had tried everything to let him go. He had stayed then. 
Then she had tried everything to stop him. He didn’t look back then. 


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