I know I can treat you better. 

Treat you better – Shawn Mendes

​I’m habitual of being late, I guess. In one my previous posts, that was about my current favourite song, I wrote about photograph of Ed Sheeran. At that time, Shape of you was on worldwide top among the charts and photograph was quite a forgotten track. 

Today, I felt that I should write about the song I love these days. It is TREAT YOU BETTER by SHAWN MENDES. 

I know I can treat you better, 

Than he can. 

No complicated lyrics. No complicated theme. Short, meaningfull, easy and crispy lyrics along with flowing rhythm and Shawn’s magical voice. 

All these attributes have contributed tothis song and turned it into a worldwide sensation.

I listened it for first time.. in I don’t know which month but I guess when it was during its release. At that time, I thought what the hell it is all about. This guy ( the narrator) is a jerk. He’s comparing himself with another guy. It is overrated in position. 

But.. A few days back.  I listened to it again and after a few listenings, I just fell in love with it. 

I’ll stop time for you, the moment you’ll say you like me too. 

I saw the music video and loved that too. These days, when I rest myself on my bed, all alone in darkness, treat you better is the track I keep playing on loop. 

I don’t even compare myself to anyone. Perhaps, I do. I know I can treat her better. Better than anyone can. 

Emotions are complicated, and so are we. Music is complicated at times, so are relationships. 

But whatever, I know I can treat you better. 

I had promised that I won’t let you down.

And yes,  why are we wasting time on all your wasted crying when you can be with me instead. 


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