Scion of Ikshvaku – Amish Tripathi

My copy of the book.

Second book of Ram Chandra Series – “Sita –  Warrior of Mithila”  is in stores now. My copy will arrive soon. So, before reading second one, I revisited the ancient land of India, the beginnning of journey of Lord Ram i.e.  first novel of the series –  Scion of Ikshvaku. 

Its a mythological fiction by Amish after his Shiva trilogy which is about Lord Shiva ( Neelkanth / Mahadev/ Shivaya) 

This one is about Lord Ram. The story of a prince who strenly believes in laws. He keeps law above anything else. He struggles for his people, shows the world how a leader should be and fights for his idealistic morals.

This is story of how the actions and morals of a human being are capable of making him a God, a supreme leader. 

Lord Ram is one of the most siginificant characters of Hindu Mythology. He is greatly respected for his strong morals, and a law abiding, calm and strong nature. 

Amish has given a new interpretation of Lord Ram’s life. The plot construction is kind of a new vision which makes you viewh Hindu mythologies with a practical mindset of the modern generation. 

The supernatural phenomenon of mythological books which we have always found wonderful at times of childhood and impractical at youth is turned into a natural and reasonable one. This is the best thing about reading the book. You’re not into a land of supernaturals where human beings fly or send radiations. You’re in a real world. Lord Ram appears to be a strong man, his characters are what make him a god like figure. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re theist or atheist or an agnostic. The values and philosophies of Amish expressed through his characters is worth inspiring and othet than that, its a great piece of fiction as well. 

Characterization is an interesting part of book. Every character has it’s own strength and weakness. His characters prove that Amish is definitely a strong observer of human nature. 

I’ll definitely suggest you to read this book and specially if you’re an Indian reader who criticizes Indian books. 

At last.. Jai Shri Ram (Hail to Lord Ram) 


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