Everytime it Rains. 

Everytime it rains, its pretty much the same. 

The wish to walk a mile and get drenched in the rain. 

The same smell of the moist soil and the same sound of drops

The same overflow of channels and the similar feeding of crops.

Raindrops feel the same, the way they used to do years ago. 

The same rush of excitement flows, that used to be years ago. 

Nothing has changed about the rains, all that changed was me. 

Everything changed with times, but the one unchanged was me. 

Yes, it was me and rains. 

It is me and rains. 

My aspirations with coming rains are everytime set,

Unlike others, the rain never make me irritating wet. 

They make me one of them. 

They make me fall with them.

I open my arms for falling drops, and let them sink inside 

Thousands of lovers arrive per second and end by my side. 

Do I die with them or they die in me?? 

Everytime I get dry, I’m left with less of me. 

Everytime it rains, it pretty much the same. 

Its a shower for eyes, in real its a lover’s game

And do you know what’s the best thing?? 

They know I’m still the same

They know I’m still the same. 


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