My bullet and your magic. 

My gun was pointed toward you 

I was all messed up in fury

You were resoning in a high voice, a few feet in front of my weapon

You said something and I put my finger on the trigger

I warned you to stay away and shut my eyes 

Didn’t know what happened at that instant exactly, for it was a matter of miniseconds, 

I heard a gunshot. A loud and painful one. 

Before I had shut my eyes, you were the target of that loaded gun 

But when I opened my eyes, the bullet had passed through me, not you

Right through my chest on the left side. 

I was the one bleeding. How? 

My hands were still holding the weapon pointed toward you. 

But I was the one who got shot. 

I don’t know how you did that. Was that a magic spell? Or something scientific? 

But I was the one to bled. I bled too much. It was like watching life leaving my side with every flush of red fluid. 

Shocked and hurt. That’s me. 

Were you hurt? I don’t remember or know. How could I see, I was bleeding after all. 

In less than a second, I got a hole in me. 

I have that hole right now. 

And that pains terribly, horribly. 


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