Hold on, and turn around 

Have a look at the calender.

See around, everyone is wishing you love. 

Everything and everyone around you,

Your Family, neighbours, friends, old and new

The friends of friends, the stalkers, the lovers, 

The not so close ones and the unknowns, through 

Texts, calls, status and everything else are

Blessing you today. 

Not just them, 

Look at the the sky, the sun, the morning 

Those visible clouds, the hidden moon and stars

Aren’t they smiling for you today? They are, baby. 

The all time angry dog of your neighbourhood

The birds flying above your home, are singing for you today. 

And sshh.. 

Be quiet for a sec and listen. 

Your toothbrush is saying something 

Is that the birthday song? 

Oh yes! It is also singing a birthday song for you 

Hey!! Have a look there 

The books you love, the pen you use

Are blessing you today. 

Your shoes, your top and jeans are trying to look their best for you 

Your deo is smelling its best, you know

Just to make you feel special. They all know its the birthday of their mistress. 

Your home, your floor, the land beneath your feet 

The road, the metro and your favourite 


Everything is wishing you a happy birthday. 

Wishing you a beautiful day. A beautiful life. 

And far somewhere, someone is wishing you all the happiness. 

Can you listen him as well?? 

Smile if you do. Smile. Its your birthday. 


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