I collected all the courage I could , shut my eyes and, I jumped. 

I’m falling. I’m falling at a high speed.  

I’ve got uncountable goose bumps. Yes,  its fun. 

Loving is fun in the beginning.  

I’m flying. 

I’m loving it. I’m loving this height. 

I’m weightless. I’m strong. I’m high. 

Ok, now its enough. 

Now, its time to control the things. 

I’m trying to open my parachute. I’m trying hard. Its not working. 

I’m nervous. I’m fumbling. 
I’m screaming. Loud. Louder. 

Nobody can listen my voice. I’m choking. 

I’m cursing. I’m cursing myself for jumping, for falling myself. 
No. It is not going to work. I’m sure now. 

I’m falling with greater speed. 

No. Noooo. I’m picturing you. Yes, you. 

I’m going to hit the ground in few seconds. 

Noooo. Noo. This is not my end. I don’t want to die. I’m screaming. 

I want to live. I want to live. I want to live. 



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