Texts, Days and Planning. 

After someone went for a 3 days 2 night family trip. This is someone who loves her texted and felt. 

Day 1: “I’m missing you so so much. Come back soon”…  

Day 2
: Let’s not be a kid. Let her stay with freedom.  So..

 ” You’ll return tomorrow na? I’ll be waiting. Missed you. ”  (She’s uncertain about returning. Fuck. But cannot show this, reply like a good boy) 

Day 3: She postponed her return for a day . 

So, if She’s not willing to come why should I behave like a despo. Fuck. Let’s not text even if I crave for her. She should know it by herself. 

You’ll come tomorrow? Or day after that? ” Stay as long as you can, I won’t mind“, ” No no, I’m not sarcastic , and yes.  I’m fine, I keep myself busy now.” “I’m getting habitual” 

(come back soon, I’m dying without you.  You’re the priority of my fucking mind.) and ( If she’ll return tomorrow, I’ll love her. 

(No, I’ll be angry. I won’t talk for a while and then melt if she’ll force me to do so. ) 

(No, I’ll go on a trip. I’ll get my revenge and have fun with friends. Yayyy. ) 

( No. I’ll tell her I’m going and if she’ll stop, I’ll stop. I don’t want to leave her alone for a fucking trip.) 

Weird Situations. Someone is with a bunch of family members and busy in events. Someone is planning imaginary situations, creating mess in his head without any reason. 

People are weird. 


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