Learn to walk alone. 

Learn to walk alone

Fight alone

Coz’ in the end, its only you. 

Just you. 

Nobody else is going to be there with you or for you. 

Learn to be alone. Learn to love loneliness. 

Coz’ ultimately you’ll end up like that. Alone. 

The reason is simple, we all have our own paths to walk. 

Neither anyone can walk for us, nor beside us forever. 

They have got their own paths. 

Learn. Learn asap. Learn before you bleed. 


10 thoughts on “Learn to walk alone. 

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  1. Alone is not the word as long as you are with yourself.
    You are right. We should learn to enjoy the company of our own self. That will make things easy and maybe it will hurt a lil less. ☺️
    Loved it. 👏👌

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