Your know what’s the problem? 

The problem is in two words where I belong :


Lower Middle Class is another group of three words. When these two group of words combine together in your life, it means your life is a hopeless journey. Yes, it is. 


30 thoughts on “Your know what’s the problem? 

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    1. There’s a system in which females are also given reservation, I don’t qualify for that na.. That’s the problem.
      Firstly a general, so already in 50% loss at any opportunity, then a male without any quota, the number of seats I’m allowed to compete in are already poor, so the chances of success are poorer.

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      1. I am not a feminist, I am a humanist maybe. Haha. I don’t respect people because of their gender. I respect them because they are humans.

        Hahaha! No I completely understand you. No arguments for now. 😂

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