You know what creates problem? 

The problem is, I love Nirvana. I love Guns n Roses, Led Zeppelin, Nickelback, Green Day, BFMV, A7X, coldplay, M5 and a long rocking list including The Local Train. 

And you love those Punjabi songs that have nothing except –  cars, girls, alcohol, party, or fields, greenery, bullet or even chetak scooters and autotuners. 


6 thoughts on “You know what creates problem? 

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  1. This is ridiculous. Just because you can’t see what someone else can see in Punjabi music, you can’t just demean someone for liking Punjabi music for alcohol, girls and cars and call yourself cool! Music is not just about the video. You give others music lessons right, have you ever heard Punjabi Bhangra beats? How can you expect everyone to like what you like?
    Let me tell you what the problem is. The problem is that you refuse to respect and individual’s choice. So not cool man!


  2. I totally understand what you’re trying to say.
    The thing I wrote here are opinion of a rock lover. A guy who loves rock music and understands music thing a bit. He hates the difference that occur in his relationship.
    There are some differences in opinions of two people.
    Nobody is trying to demean someone’s liking.
    The main theme of that post isn’t music. It is difference in opinions and their disliking of what another one likes.

    And don’t tell me that nobody in this world doesn’t call their elders’ opinion as old fashioned and conservative. Disliking of other’s opinion is basis of change.


    1. Okay, firstly, I considered it your opinion, because you wrote it in first person.
      I don’t deny that people differ in opinions. But nobody really has the right to insult someone’s choice based on their limited experiences and knowledge, in my opinion. But yeah, as you said, if the theme itself is ‘disliking of what another likes’ then it’s absolutely fine. It syncs with the theme.
      Opinions and choices differ. I hope you get it. All the conservative, elders thing you wrote is opinions. Change doesn’t mean believing too opinions can’t exist.
      I’m talking about choices,likes and dislikes are choices. You really can’t expect someone to have the same choices. When it is done in a little agressive form na, it’s called domination.

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