Let’s love. 

Let’s meet. 

Meet and smile. 

Let’s talk for hours and hours 

And feel desperate. 

Let’s hold each other and burn in flames

And inhale the aroma of our skins. 

Come, let’s melt.  

And become solid again. 

Let’s get a bit acidic for its been enough of sugar. 

Come on, I’ll cut your veins and expect you to laugh. 

You’ll spit acid on my face and expect me to call you ‘baby’. 

Even if that doesn’t satisfy our lust, 

We’ll fight and get venomous. 

We won’t stop. 

We’ll do this again and again. 

Strawberries, sugars and acid. 

Again and again. 

Again and again. 

Until we break. 

And one day, let’s make each other emotionally unstable forever 

And call this thing.. LOVE. 


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