Burning the mask. 

You conquer adversities. 

You look beautiful when you hold yourself that way. 

You conquer me. I lose everything and feel glad. 

But you know, excess of everything is bad. 

I hate the mask over your face 

Mask of fake strength, fake hopes. 

Mask that hides the kid I fell for, the beauty I love. 

Mask of lies, saying you don’t care at all. 

But you know what I enjoy now?  

Burning that mask. 

I enjoy when you return after moments. Helpless. 

Shedding all the attires of fakeness


I love you naked. 

I love when you commit 

You won over everyone but yourself 

I love you losing to yourself. 

The mask melts and I fall for you again.

The way I fell for the first time. 

I maybe a player or a sadist. Or do we exchange places at times.? 

But do we care? Do you?  Do I ? 


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