Kid – 2

He fights every single day. 

And struggles against all odds. 

He is a warrior. 

He lifts heavy at gym and

Runs an extra mile often.

He doesn’t care about society. 
He looks at his feet only in front of his father. 

And craves his mom’s food. 

He drives fast when he is either excited or off

And safely when he misses his mother. 

He works harder than his fellow for promotion 

And eats faster to save time. 

He is a cluster of ambitions. 

He never sheds tears in front of anyone. 

When he fails, he curses the world 

He shows everyone that he is a Superman

But at the end of the day. 

When he holds her in his arms on bed

He hides her inside his chest and sleeps with moist eyes himself. 

He is a kid


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