Chester Bennington. 

This one is for the guy who introduced me to a new world of music, who taught me that there is enormous music in this world outside our India and music is the most amazing thing to believe in. One who inspired me and millions others to listen and create music. 

In the end ” was the first English song that I listened to and yes, that made me crazy, and of course, addicted to Linkin Park. 

And today when I got the news of his suicide, I felt totally numb. When I got the massage on whatsap, I couldn’t believe it first. It could’ve been a rumour, it couldn’t be possible. He was so young, so strong, so much amazing. 

I googled and wikipedia has changed his bio from “Chester is the lead…”  to “Chester was the..” 

That was heartbreaking.  He was and will remain a milestone in music industry. There will be a long list of popular artists but nobody can replace the void he has left. Nobody can replace Chester. 

He was truly an inspiration for me as well as millions others. 

I had a dream of seeing Linkin Park live once in my life, and that dream shattered today. It felt like, he took a dream with me. 

In the end, I’ll say you will be missed Chester. You’ll be alive forever. 

I’ll never fight again

And this is how it ends – 

Breaking the habit. 


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