Gone are the Colors. 

Gone are the colors. 

There’s no blue in sky, 

No yellow, no red, 

Neither green in leaves, nor pink in flowers

No brown, no grey, no purple

Colors have left us. 

Or they have been imprisoned in some paranormal dungeons. 

Science has left us. Life has left us. 

The only thing that has survived is darkness. 


A gloomy black shade of black.

Omnipotent, omnipresent black. 

There is some white in small patches. 

They are the carcass of shrine of an old poet. 

Else is black.

Prey, predators and scavengers. All black. 

Black is the color of time. 

Black is the faith. 

Black is purpose of life. 

Black is the meaning of life. 

Black is survival. Black is the color of death.   


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