The Associate- John Grisham. 

We all have secrets. Some dark ones in our hidden folders of brain. The ones we don’t want anyone to know about at any cost. 

And what if someone knows our darkest secret? And what if he makes us do things we don’t want to do in return of keeping our secret safe? 

My copy.

Just finished reading The Associate by John Grisham. 
The best thing I found in the book was- its not a love story. After being a part of this bollywood and love story obsessed environment, the best thing you can do for a change is read something not related with love. 

Because love isn’t everything we can live for. World is facing crises, terrorism, global warming, space programs, wars, power and hunger games and everything else but love; and our fiction is just bound in love stories and… (oops, I got distracted) 

 I was writing about ‘The Associate’ . It is a thriller and the name of author makes it a worth read. This one is more special as its back cover reads,  “ Full of twists and turns and reminiscent of The Firm.  The Associate is vintage John Grisham.” 

This is the story of Kyle, a law student. He is bright and everything of a hero but has a a dark secret. Some guys have a proof of his haunting past and they want him to do things for him which required going against his work ethics. He is required to be a spy. 

This is the novel about actions, reactions, law world, pressure,  puzzles and introspection. Book covers a period of time where Kyle learn, acts, and fights for survival. 

He is under surveillance every second and what he wents through is something nobody wants to face ever. 

So in short I’ll conclude that if you’re tired of reading meaningless imaginary love stories and even if you’re not tired till now, read this one. Go for it. 

That’s all for today. 


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