Texting a bro at 1 am. 

**This is the language we all speak. Atleast at times. **

They have late night chats. They are straight. They are bros. 

“You know..  relationships suck! World is mf you know.. You don’t get what you expect. Expectations suck.  World is full of motherfuckers“, he texted. 

“Oh no.. Not again. And What happened this time? ” he got the reply. 

” Nothing.. Its just like orgasm. I have it often.  Its not about her. Its about men, women and the whole world.  You know.. She is online now and she must be thinking I’m online at 1 a. m.  so I must be texting a girl right now, who knows what story must be going through her mind. Fuck this… “

“LOL, it may be true, She’s innocent. And you serious behave like a drunk! Anything happened? ” he got the reply. 

Fuck anything and you know what she cannot imagine? “

” What?” 

“She doesn’t know that I’m talking to an asshole right now not with a girl. Lol. Rofl. “

*Fuck you! “

” Fuck you too! But world is full of motherf****s, and you’re my bro”

“Love is overrated.  Everything will be fine soon. “

“Fuck the world bro, fuck everything, fuck #@#(%@):@@@:.. Society is like a pest.. Fuck Society. “

It continued for an hour. One cursed. They laughed. Rebel got satiated. 

“yeah.. Now sleep. Good night. Need to study . “

“yes bro, you study, get a job. Gift me a guitar. 

And you’re my true brother, fuck the world, and good night.  “



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