Not enough today. 

She hit him hard. 

With a coffee mug and then a tiffin box.

“Baby, what are you doing? ” he yelled holding his forehead. 

She threw a wine glass at him, 

Glass got shattered on floor. 

Leaving a mark on left of his forehead. 

Just a lookalike of one Harry Potter has. 

He started bleeding. 

“Enough my love ? ” she asked. 

“Not yet babe !!  ” he chuckled. 

” You’re bleeding as fuck! It’ll need stitches. ”

” I’ll make you lick it”,  he laughed loud on his own joke. 

” Being funny? ” she asked and threw a beer can at him.  

The can hit his cheek hard. 

“Yeah, a bit. ” he said with a bloody face. 

And a white shirt turned red. 

” I’ll do better tomorrow. Get ready to bleed some more. ” she made a pout and started walking toward him. 

” All yours. ” he smiled. 

“Yup. Forever.”, she held his face and kissed his lips. 

“I love the way you taste. Now, let’s fix this Harry Potter mark first.  ” she said unbuttoning his shirt. 

He nodded and walked toward bed throwing his shirt on floor. 

She brought the first aid kit and sat on his lap. 

” You know, your that stuff tastes better than your blood ” she said and laughed on her dirty joke. 

” What? ” he asked innocently,  holding her hips. 

And they laughed out loud.  

A laugh full of love, of happines, of trust, of pride. 

Happiness of being together no matter what. Pride of being strong every time. 

For world, they were two psychopaths.  

For everyone, she tries to kill him during her panic attacks and he beats her when his work doesn’t get published. 

Nobody knew, it was a masterplan. 

They never fight at all. She hurts him so that he can write.

For he cannot write while being happy and cannot find another job. 

And getting apart was not an option now. 


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