Perfect Sunday Morning! 

Rishikesh! Nature ! And a Bike Ride!  These things made my sunday morning "perfect" .  After a couple of days consumed in fever, cold and stress, finally I decided to wake up early as my alarm started playing some motivational music.  The first thing I did in the morning was checking the sky out of... Continue Reading →


Meri naakamiyo ke beech

Meri nakaamiyon ke beech Ek kaamyabi ka kissa hai Hazaro galtiyon ke beech Ek umeed ka hissa hai Tum jaante ho wo kya hai?  Tum jaante ho wo kya hai?  Tumko lagega nahi jaante Par shayad jaante ho Kyuki ek kitaab sa hu main Jo padhi thi tumne kabhi Kyuki us khwaab sa hu main... Continue Reading →

Broken sword

"He is a fighter. He is born to fight ", said the old monk.  "But, how will he conquer with a broken sword? ", asked a young guy .  " His defeat will bring darkness.  And his victory will bring glory", said someone from the crowd.  "Its been twenty years", said the old monk.  "Its... Continue Reading →

Not enough today. 

"I love the way you taste. Now, Come,  let's fix this Harry Potter mark.  " she said unbuttoning his shirt.  He nodded and walked toward bed throwing his shirt on floor.  She brought the first aid kit and sat on his lap.  " You know, your that stuff tastes better than your blood " she said and laughed at her dirty joke.  " What? "

Yaad hai tumhe? 

Yaad hai tumhe?  Wo aaya tha..  Wo chhote bachcho jaise ladne wala ladka...  Chhodkar apna sheher aaya tha .. Tumhare anjaan sheher me..  Yaad hai na?  Saari raat ka safar tha uska Aur subeh tumhare bade sheher ki Badi si bheed me.. Ek chehra wo bhi tha  Wo laal ankho se tumhe dekhne wala ladka.. ... Continue Reading →

Texting a bro at 1 am. 

**This is the language we all speak. Atleast at times. ** They have late night chats. They are straight. They are bros.  "You know..  relationships suck! World is mf you know.. You don't get what you expect. Expectations suck.  World is full of motherfuckers", he texted.  "Oh no.. Not again. And What happened this time? "... Continue Reading →

I’m With you

When the sky was somber,  And the wind was reeky When his feet were wounded And his faith; broken.  When the remains of broken dreams Made his eyes bled.  When he couldn't do anything but  Scream! Scream Loud.  When he was on his knees  Praying for his death,  She whispered in his ear "I'm with... Continue Reading →


Feathers, an ice cream and a jar full of love.  Midnight, cravings and a basketfull of strawberries.  There you are.  Glowing in the darkness, of our world  My sleeping kid.  Smelling of something like.. Something sweet something..  Oh, I am poor with names of fragrances.. This world belongs to you and me. 

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