I wish you to die 

I wish you to die  I wish you to kill yourself  To sleep and never wake up I wish you to die the way I die Every single moment, every single day!  I wish you to meet an accident And bleed.  No! No! No!  No!  That will hurt you a lot.  Don’t you get hurt. ... Continue Reading →



Have you ever faced a heartbreak? A strong heartbreak. The one that breaks not just your heart but your hopes and your aspirations; where all you want to do is find the reason to live, and everything appears dark and gloomy. I assume you must have faced this merciless emotion that human beings are ascribed... Continue Reading →

Let’s Love

Let's meet.  Meet and smile.  Let's talk for hours and hours  And feel desperate.  Let's hold each other and burn in flames And inhale the aroma of our skins.  Come, let's melt.   And become solid again.  Let's get a bit acidic for its been enough of sugar.  Come on, I'll cut your veins and expect... Continue Reading →

तुम्हारा शहर कुछ ज्यादा ही बड़ा है

कुछ ज्यादा ही बड़ा है तुम्हारा शहर कुछ ज्यादा ही ज़रूरी भी है जैसे सारे देश का दिल हो  बीमार जला हुआ  पर फिर भी धड़कता दिल। सैकड़ो मील दूर रहता हूँ मैं तुमसे भी और तुम्हारे शहर से भी ना कभी तुम्हें देखना चाहता हूँ ना तुम्हारे शहर को पर हर रोज़ कतरा कतरा... Continue Reading →

We’re safe inside my wallet. 

3 months have passed. No phone calls, no texts, nothing at all.  And you know what's the funniest part?   My friends still believe that we're together. Happy. Happy as we used to be. They still call you "bhabhi"  and whenever they ask about you, I don't tell anything about our breakup. I just tell... Continue Reading →

I’ll follow. 

If you'll run, I'll run  If you'll fly, I'll fly  If you'll hide in dark, I'll chase your scent If you'll make me cry, I'll make you repent If you'll make me bleed,  I'll hit you back If you'll crawl, I'll pull you back  I won't let you go away.  I just won't let you... Continue Reading →


2017 was the greatest year of my life. It began with love and ended with grief. It gave me the best and worst moments of my life. It made me see my most passionate and the weakest self.  It gave me some everlasting memories and in the end, took my loved ones. But, most crucially,... Continue Reading →

Abhi bahot shor hai wahan

Abhi bahot shor hai wahan Bheed hai aur halchal bhi Aur waqt se aage chalte uske kadmo pe Sawar koi bada fitoor bhi hai! Aaj waqt nahi hai uske aangan me kahin Aur sab kuch hai waqt ke siwa Aur mere siwa Par ek din hoga shayad Jab na koi halchal hogi Na bewaqt ka... Continue Reading →

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