Kid – 2

He fights every single day. 

And struggles against all odds. 

He is a warrior. 

He lifts heavy at gym and

Runs an extra mile often.

He doesn’t care about society. 
He looks at his feet only in front of his father. 

And craves his mom’s food. 

He drives fast when he is either excited or off

And safely when he misses his mother. 

He works harder than his fellow for promotion 

And eats faster to save time. 

He is a cluster of ambitions. 

He never sheds tears in front of anyone. 

When he fails, he curses the world 

He shows everyone that he is a Superman

But at the end of the day. 

When he holds her in his arms on bed

He hides her inside his chest and sleeps with moist eyes himself. 

He is a kid


She holds her head high. 

And wears her confidence like an armour. 

She is soft to touch,but impossible to break. 

She works under the sun without the fear of tan. 

And walks under the moon without looking down.

She is amazing at controlling emotions. 

And wears a smile on her soft lips. 

She never complains. 

She looks into the eyes of her fellow 

And her no means no. Every time. 

She craves chicken 

And laughs a bit louder than others. 

But at the end of the day, 

When she is asleep

She hides herself in the chest of her lover, 

She is a kid. 

Burning the mask. 

You conquer adversities. 

You look beautiful when you hold yourself that way. 

You conquer me. I lose everything and feel glad. 

But you know, excess of everything is bad. 

I hate the mask over your face 

Mask of fake strength, fake hopes. 

Mask that hides the kid I fell for, the beauty I love. 

Mask of lies, saying you don’t care at all. 

But you know what I enjoy now?  

Burning that mask. 

I enjoy when you return after moments. Helpless. 

Shedding all the attires of fakeness


I love you naked. 

I love when you commit 

You won over everyone but yourself 

I love you losing to yourself. 

The mask melts and I fall for you again.

The way I fell for the first time. 

I maybe a player or a sadist. Or do we exchange places at times.? 

But do we care? Do you?  Do I ? 


He was homeless when the pilgrimage started. 
He was a pilgrim, seeking home. 

Homeless; he travelled. 

He went to distant lands ;

Manned and no-manned . 

He talked with strangers,

He laughed with unknowns. 

He slept alone, he slept with bodies. 

He sat by the side of a young boy on a dark night 

And looked after him for a few days. 

He covered miles and miles.. Homeless. 

He helped the beggar on street of one city

He worked in a restaurant of another one. 

He skipped meals, he got satiated. 

He shared his assets with hollow men, women and dogs. 

He got in trouble, he got blessings. 

He visited shrines, brothels, and museums. 

He gave his shoes to a young fellow. 

He got free bread crumbs by a middle aged vendor. 

He saved a dog from a gang of teenagers in a slum, 

And got bit by one when he entered a mansion for seeking help. 

Homeless, he travelled distant lands. 

He hopes for a home. 

He hopes for a home. 

He will find it soon. 

Or he has? World. One world. 


Iron, concrete, and dust

Fire, greed and lust. 

Heat and smoke.

Tied with a rope. 

Slums and towers
Hopelessness and powers

People of bricks and stones.

Buildings with flesh and bones. 

Humans like machines. 

Machines like humans. 

It is not life. 

There is not life. 

Its a never ending race. 

In this ever gloomy space. 

I do not belong here 

You do not belong here. 

We do not belong here.


It took him hours to pen his emotions on paper. 

It took her seconds to comment, “You cannot make your words rhyme !!” 

(free verse poet) 

Let’s love. 

Let’s meet. 

Meet and smile. 

Let’s talk for hours and hours 

And feel desperate. 

Let’s hold each other and burn in flames

And inhale the aroma of our skins. 

Come, let’s melt.  

And become solid again. 

Let’s get a bit acidic for its been enough of sugar. 

Come on, I’ll cut your veins and expect you to laugh. 

You’ll spit acid on my face and expect me to call you ‘baby’. 

Even if that doesn’t satisfy our lust, 

We’ll fight and get venomous. 

We won’t stop. 

We’ll do this again and again. 

Strawberries, sugars and acid. 

Again and again. 

Again and again. 

Until we break. 

And one day, let’s make each other emotionally unstable forever 

And call this thing.. LOVE. 

Zyada nahi lagega. 

Zyada waqt nahi lagega

Shayad kuch mahine lag jaen

Ya kuch ek saal.. 

Ya ek umr..  Ek lambi bematlab si umr.. 

Han ek umr to lag hi jae shayad

Jo toota hai use jodne me

Aur jo juda hai use todne me

Par fir bhi, zyada waqt nahi lagega.

Bahot zyada nahin.. 

Aur agar lag bhi jaaye to kya hai

Waqt hi to hai.. 

Kal bhi tha, 

Aaj bhi hai, 

Kal acha tha, aaj utna acha nahi hai, shayad. 

Par kam se kam hai to. 

Tumse acha hai ye. 

Kyuki ye hai. Yahin hai. 

Tum nahi. Door tak nahi. 

I’m not logan. 

I’m not Logan, my dear. I don’t heal like him. 

I’m Harry. I bear the mark of your act. 

The difference is, its not on my forehead. Nobody can see it but you and me. 

And whenever you’re around, it burns. 

I don’t heal at all. 

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