ME: (posts a picture with my father with caption-“I love my father.”) and the comments follows.... A:  Awesome..!! B: Nice pic. C: You never posted a picture with your mother. Don’t you love your mother, huh? D:  I don’t understand why people post pictures with their parents on certain days? Each day belongs to our... Continue Reading →


I found an old letter. 

"I found your letter.", I texted her after 5 months.  "mm.. Which one?, she replied after an hour.  "That you gave me on my birthday. " " I don't remember exactly, anything particular? " Doesn't she remember that beautiful letter? " oh! Nothing! I just found it in my locker... So,  I just wanted to ask... Continue Reading →


I was tired. It was mid noon and I had been riding my bike for an hour, but I felt like I was under countless fathoms of water. I felt sinking. My friend was on back seat and after several failed attempts of starting a conversation, she gave up. My mind was playing songs, wishing... Continue Reading →


Do you remember conversations the way I do? D o they hit your mind the way they do mine? Does it happen to you? You are at job or studying or doing anything and all of a sudden a voice strikes you. A sentence or phrase or anything she/he said to you months or weeks... Continue Reading →

Look at your hands and cry. 

Look at your hands.  Saw that blood?  That once ran inside veins Of that little boy.  Don't panic now. Don't panic!!  That's his blood and you know it.  Don't cry. That won't get him back.  Don't scream!  Don't cry!  He is dead. He is lifeless.  Close your eyes. Felt his gentle touch?  You're looking at... Continue Reading →


Shut Your Eyes.  I said shut your eyes.  No obstacles, no promises Or dreams or wishes.  Leave everything.  Or Leave them to me Or hide them in deep dungeons Of your heart And sleep!  Hide yourself in me You're safe here forever.  Or hide in your own arms.  And sleep.  I'll caress your hairs And... Continue Reading →


Oh!!  Something exploded without a sound.   No fires, no bombs, no cries were listened.  Just the heat and a smell surrounded the room.  Smell of burnt flesh and some papers.  What made the explosion? What made it so silent?  Someone or something has killed the innocent writer.  Ohh! Look at that blood on floor and that... Continue Reading →


It took him hours to pen his emotions on paper.  It took her seconds to comment, "You cannot make your words rhyme !!"  (free verse poet) 

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