वो बस पत्थर ही था

मिट्टी के ढेर से उठाकर लाया था उसे मैं बड़े बुरे हालात में था वो तब अपने हाथों से तराश कर बनाया मैंने उसे और रख दिया मंदिर में बनाया सजाया सवारा और रखा खुद से ऊपर दिन गुज़रे और साल  वो कुछ ना बोला वो पत्थर था और पत्थर ही रहा, कम्बख्त। फिर भी... Continue Reading →


And That’s how I learned poetry 

Following her steps, I walked On ice and on lava.  Frozen for a second, melting for another. Freezing, melting, breaking Dying, loving, living. My feet were dead My words were dry Life evaporated through my pores. And I gleamed with golden tears.   The sky used to be grey then, grey like ashes And purple... Continue Reading →

The best part of a heartbreak

First thing first, there’s nothing insane about using “best” and “heartbreak” in a single title. Heartbreak. Your most personal, most disturbing, most destroying phase of life. You’re dead inside. You’re clutching your room’s darkness and keeping every window shut. A day passes, two days, a week and you're still same. You feel lifeless, your eyes... Continue Reading →

You’re a warrior

Hey! Little one. Are you alright? Sshh… don’t lie to me. I am you. You are me. Look into my eyes Look into my eyes, kid You’re a warrior You’re an unbeatable, forever beating warrior! Don’t believe me? C’mon dude, you are still beating after all the battles Aren’t you? You were broken into a... Continue Reading →

You deserve darkness 

Breathing!  You're breathing!  After spitting venom at my face,  You're breathing?  You're talking about sunsets And beaches.  You've found someone  Who calls you love And now, you're planning to ruin him too You're planning!  How?  You're making trips After killing my dreams.  You're eating your favourite icecream After strarving me to death.  And you're buying... Continue Reading →

Ek tukda tera 

Agli baar jab milunga tujhse To poora na sahi  Par ek tukda tera Chura lunga tujhse  Aur bhar lunga jeb me Bina tujhe bataye  Bina tujhe dikhaye Taki jab akela ho jaun ghar aakar To sath me tu ho thoda sa Tu ho na ho Par ek tukda tu ho Jo mera ho Sirf mera.. ... Continue Reading →

I wish you to die 

I wish you to die  I wish you to kill yourself  To sleep and never wake up I wish you to die the way I die Every single moment, every single day!  I wish you to meet an accident And bleed.  No! No! No!  No!  That will hurt you a lot.  Don’t you get hurt. ... Continue Reading →


Have you ever faced a heartbreak? A strong heartbreak. The one that breaks not just your heart but your hopes and your aspirations; where all you want to do is find the reason to live, and everything appears dark and gloomy. I assume you must have faced this merciless emotion that human beings are ascribed... Continue Reading →

Let’s Love

Let's meet.  Meet and smile.  Let's talk for hours and hours  And feel desperate.  Let's hold each other and burn in flames And inhale the aroma of our skins.  Come, let's melt.   And become solid again.  Let's get a bit acidic for its been enough of sugar.  Come on, I'll cut your veins and expect... Continue Reading →

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