Breaking The Myth – Spot Reduction.

" Bro, Whenever my trainer is busy on someone else, I skip my weight lifting sets and jump on trademill , after all I don't have to build bulky muscles, I just want a flat belly, that's all." Have you heard something like this? or I do hundreds of crunches per day. I just need... Continue Reading →


That’s how I learned Poetry.

Following her steps, I walked on ice and lava.  Frozen for a second, melting for another. Frozen were my feet. Frozen were my words.  Burnt were my feet, and joy evaporated through my pores. The sky was grey and the wind was singing a lament of  death. Everything was still and death was walking slowly,... Continue Reading →

Why Do You Leave?

“Why do you leave ? “, he asked . “I never leave. Do I? “, she said with a mysterious smile on her red lips. He was confused . She leaves him, but never leaves his mind , not even for a second. He kept staring at her ,not even blinking. He kept looking at... Continue Reading →

Addicted to failure. 

Every morning, I swear I'll win And every single night, I fail.  Every morning, I swear I won't think about you  And run an extra mile Just the way you do.  I challenge myself that I would win or slap myself  And you know what?  My cheeks are red of my own slaps till now. ... Continue Reading →

You don’t need to lie my buddy. 

No,  buddy.  You don't need to lie.  I Know you're trouble... I know it even if you say "I'm awesome. " to everyone you meet.  I know you're broken when you tell someone that you've got big biceps and you're superman.  But trying that with me was absurd, Dude!!  How can you forget my asshole... Continue Reading →

Have you seen time? 

Time flies.  Yes,  it does. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast.  Have you ever seen life moving like someone has pressed the fast forward button? Like you were staring at something at a time and the next time you check the time, its been hours. Or your whole life.  Have you waited for someone, staring at the... Continue Reading →

Kale aasman ke niche. 

Jaane hi kitne roj aur kitni dafa Dekha hai aasman ko maine Kabhi waqt pe, kabhi bewaqt Kabhi ek lamha bhar aur kabhi ek umr  Han ek umr!  Ek umr guzaar di ho jaise taakte taakte Us kaale ghane aasman ko maine.  Na koi chand dikhta hai , na sitare Na koi roshni, na koi... Continue Reading →

Quality Matters 

After all the observations in this life , the most important lesson or thing I've ovserved about relationships, friendships is that in the end, its the quality that matters.  No matter if you have hundereds of whatsap contacts, thousands of facebook friends or twitter or instagram followers, in the end, the ones who really care about you are a... Continue Reading →

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