I saw her today.

I saw her today. She was there, in front of a metro station CCD. I was waiting for my colleague when I got to see her. Her no-makeup face and that casual denim shirt she wears once after a month. Fortunately, she was busy with her mobile phone and didn’t notice me. Fortunately or unfortunately,... Continue Reading →


10 Indian Celebs Who’ve Faced RAGGING.

Ragging has been one of the most evil crimes prevailing in nation. Even after Supreme Court noticed that ragging is a serious crime, cases of sadistic ragging in educational institutions has been constant. Not only the common people, but numerous of Indian celebrities have suffered ragging during their college days. A quick list of 10... Continue Reading →


This is a disaster. A Disaster. I've been to Tehri a number of times and during the whole ride, these 200-250 metres used to be my favorite place. This place was a natural tunnel made by trees and being surrounded by nature from all sides used to be my favorite part of the ride. Last... Continue Reading →

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